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The Benefits of STS

The idea for replacing an in-house fleet with a cost effective solution is something that all companies need to look at. We are a permanent hire courier service that does care about its customers and we won't treat you as just another number.

Operating your own fleet incurs high fixed costs and imposes substantial management overheads.

Engaging Sydney Transport Services Group to outsource your Transport / Delivery Needs has many benefits:

  • Known costs (communications, tolls, overtime)
  • Reduced hidden costs such as holiday pay, sick pay, superannuation, log service leave and work cover
  • Reduced vehicle costs such as vehicle registration, vehicle insurance, mechanical repairs, fuel, uniforms, vehicle branding, public liability and more
  • Depreciation in vehicle resale value
  • Have a fleet of your own vehicles without having to worry about the day to day functions of running it
  • Focus on the strategic management of your fleet rather than the day to day running of your fleet
  • Reduced cost owing to the fact that you don't need to manage your own fleet
  • No fleet maintenance or running costs
  • No hassle in managing your own staff or contractors
  • No leave accruals and liabilities
  • Reduced workers compensation costs
  • Rapid ability to grow your business without capital commitment as there is no need to outlay capital for vehicles, no need to employ your own drivers



Sydney Transport Services Group permanent hire vehicles can include your signage and driver branding on uniforms (logos and service marks) to represent and promote your brand in the marketplace. By looking after your deliveries, we realise that customers see us a the visible face of your business or brand. Along with providing an impeccable, courteous service, you can have confidence in:

  • Vehicle branded with your logo
  • Drivers proudly wearing your uniform

Features of the Sydney Transport Services Group permanent hire operation include:

  • Input into driver selection
  • Expert Account Management
  • Replacement backup drivers

All of our drivers undergo a tough and extensive interview and screening process. Which includes:

  • 3 interviews with our internal HR officer
  • Reference checks with previous 2 employers
  • Police criminal checks
  • Final interview and induction which covers all of our OH&S Policies and Legislative Requirements
  • A thorough overview of our clients and their requirements including an onsite inspection and meeting

At all times you can stay in contact with the driver that is allocated to your business. We are not a call centre that treats your business like a number. We find there are great benefits that come with the ability to stay in contact with your delivery driver.